Probate / Trust Administration

The Probate Process

 The Probate process can leave you confused, frustrated and stressed out.  Unfortunately our legal system can sometimes put us in situations that are cumbersome, time consuming and expensive.  Additionally, we do not always know how to navigate through the legal process in the most efficient manner. 

For a fraction of what a typical law firm would charge, we can assist you and/or your family with every aspect of the Probate process, from start to finish.


    Legal Stuff, LLC, also doing busines as Probate Services of Arizona, was formed with the mission of helping the Personal Representative, Executor and/or Trustee cut through the red tape and find practical solutions for their unique needs.  

   We know the probate process and want to help.  Your probate and/or settlement will be handled by an experienced and knowledgable staff who can handle every aspect of a Probate or Trust Settlement with the upmost decretion and intregity.